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slno Department Name of the Project Name of the Principal Investigator Name of the Funding agency Type (Government/Non-Government) Year Funds sanctioned (INR in lakhs) Duration of the project
1 Physics Instrument Development and Service Center (IDSC) Dr. Abhijit Barthakur ASTEC, Govt. Of Assam Government Since 19976(Ongoing) 15 lacs( For 2020-2021) Renewed yearly
2 Physics Centre for Radio Astronomy (Observation of Solar Microwave Radio Emission in S-Band and its correlation with Solar Energetic Phenomena) Dr. Nripanka Saikia ASTEC Government Since 1993 (Ongoing) 10.41 (For 2020-2021) Renewed yearly
3 Physics Designing of solid-state active ionizing radiation dosimeter using wide band gap semiconductors Dr Jitumani Kalita Cotton University Government 2022 (Ongoing) Rs 1 Lac 1 Year
4 Physics Multi-view information fusion based decision support system using biomedical signal for possible implementation in portable healthcare monitoring and computer aided diagnosis system Dr. Anil Hazarika Cotton University In House 2022 (Ongoing) 1 lac 1 Year
5 Physics Study on 222Rn levels using LR-115(II) nuclear track detectors across Kipili Fault, Assam Dr. Debajyoti Barooah Cotton University In House 2022 (Ongoing) 1 Lac 1 Year
6 Physics Measurement of natural Radioactivity and associated radiological hazards in rocks and soil from Kopili Fault Zone, Assam Dr. Debajyoti Barooah UGC-DAE CSR Government 2022 (Ongoing) Collaborative project with UGC-DAE CSR Kolkata
7 Physics Biodegradable organic- inorganic nanocomposites for energy harvesting and rechargeable battery applications Dr. Anup Kumar Nath Cotton University In House 2022 (Ongoing) 1 Lac 1 Year
8 Chemistry Chemodynamic Immunotherapy: Employing ROS generating nanoparticles as immunomodulators to reprogram tumor-associated macrophages (TAMs) for cancer therapy Dr. Bhabatosh Banik Department of Science (DST), India Government 2022 Rs. 34,75,560 3 years
9 Geography Modeling tropospheric ozone and its precursor pollutants N02 and HCHO over South Asia Ujjal Deka Baruah SERB Government 2022 35.48 3 years
10 Mathematics Construction of distance measures and its application in decison-making Dr. Rituparna Chutia Cotton University Non-Government 2022 1 L 1 Year
11 Zoology A study on the structure and properties of silk fibres from the sericigenous insects in Assam for their promotion in the global market. Dr. Tarali Kalita Cotton University In House 2022 100000/- 1 year
12 Archaeology Ancient Pragjyotisha-Kamarupa: An Archaeological Investigation Dr. Manjil Hazarika Indian Council of Historical Research Government 2021 0.4 2 years
13 Computer Science & IT Enhancing Security using Lightweight Cryptography in IoT with OneM2M as the Service Platform and 3GPP-5G as the Underlying Communication Network Dr. Hiten Choudhury Ministry of Information Technology (MeitY) Government 2021 48.50 3 years
14 Geography Floods and impacts on livelihood in rural Assam: To what extent floods have expanded the poverty trap Prof. Kalyan Das SITA Government 2021 30.954 11 months
15 Anthropology ICSSR Special Call for Studies Focusing on Social Science Dimensions of Covid-19 Corona Virus Pandemic Dr. Teresa L Khawzawl, Dr. Gangotri Bhuyan (Pragjyotish College, GU) ICSSR Government 2021 3.000 10 Months
16 Computer Science & IT Development of software for automated identification of gamusa loom type using artificial intelligence Dr. Lipi B. Mahanta (IASST) North East Center for technology application and research (NECTAR), DST, Gol Government 2021 15,29,000.00 1 year
17 Chemistry The missing link in gold nanocluster research: systematic study on the role of ligands in gold nanocluster luminescence Dr. Apurba Kr Barman DST Government 2020 36.124 3 years
18 Economics Crop loss and farmers vulnerability to poverty in Assam: The role of institutions and safety nets Dr. Daisy Das ICSSR Government 2020 11.00 2 years
19 Geology On the origin of rhyolites and associated granites and dolerites in the Proterozoic Shillong Basin Dr. Bibhuti Gogoi SERB Government 2020 33.91732 3 years
20 Geography Floods and Impacts on Livelihood in Rural Assam: To what extent floods have expanded the Poverty trap Kalyan Das SITA, Assam Government 2020 30.95 2 years
21 Chemistry Milk quality assessment, with special emphasis on melamine in Guwahati and neighboring areas and development of a colorimetric detection system for melamine Dr. Akashi Baruah DST Women Scientist Government 2019 11.7847 3 years
22 Environmental Biology and Wildlife Sciences Investigation of the impacts of climate change on food and livelihood security of Assamese farmers and their adaptive responses- a study from North East India Dr. Leena Borah ICSSR Government 2019 4.00 1 year
23 Environmental Biology and Wildlife Sciences Estimation of greenhouse gas fluxes (methane, carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide) from Deepor Beel, a Ramsar wetland site of Assam, and identification of associated environmental factors Dr. Leena Borah SERB Government 2019 52.17564 3 years
24 History An Ethnographical Survey of Pottery Traditions From the Lower Brahmaputra Velly (Kamrup, Nalbari, Goalpara and Dhubri Districts of Assam) Dr. Preetee Sharma ICHR Government 2019 2.00 2 years
25 Sociology Forests & Forest Dwellers in Assam: searching for a sustainable relationship Dr. Indrani Sarma (PI), Prof. Chandan Kumar Sharma (Co-PI) ICSSR - IMPRESS Government 2019 8.000 2 years
26 Zoology Study of traditionally used dyes yielding plants for staining cells and cellular components and identification thereof: An eco- friendly and non- toxic alternative method Dr. Akalesh Kr. Verma ASTEC Government 2019 1.40 2 years
27 Zoology Biodiversity, Nutritive Value and Conservation Strategies of Aquatic Insects in the Wetland Ecosystem of Manipur Dr. Karobi Saikia (PI), Dr. Rezina Ahmed (Co-PI) DBT (NER-BPMC) Government 2019 65.0736 3 years
28 Anthropology Minor Research Project Scheme Dr. Tiluttama Baruah ICSSR Government 2019 4.000 1 Year
29 Zoology Outreach Programme in rural schools Dr. Tarali Kalita Assam Science Technology and Environment Council Government 2019 1,45,000/- 1 year
30 Zoology Popular talk on scientific topics Dr. Tarali Kalita Assam Science Technology and Environment Council Government 2019 15000/- 6 months
31 Physics Pushing the Frontier of Monsoon predictability Prof. (Retd.) B. N. Goswami SERB Government 2018 (Ongoing) 138.000 5 years
32 Anthropology Glucose 6 Phosphate Dehydrogenase Deficiencyamong Three Tribes of Assam, India and its significance for Antimalarial Therapy Dr. Maishnam Rustam Singh NER-BPMC, DBT Government 2018 35.592 3 years
33 Chemistry Molecular dynamics simulation technique to understand structural and functional changes during processing of food proteins Dr. Gargi Borgohain DST, Govt. Of India Government 2018 35.00 5 years
34 Environmental Biology and Wildlife Sciences An Exploratory Assessment to identify the Ecosystem Services and Alternative Livelihood options and to design advocacy and campaigning programme for the conservation of Deepor Beel- an Urban Ramsar Site, Guwahati, Assam Dr. Narayan Sharma Wipro Foundation Non- Government 2018 7.35 3 years
35 English Where women make another tribe. Mobilisations and Narratives from Nagaland Dr. Rakhee Kalita Moral HOB, IIAS-Mellan Program Non-Government 2018 13.79314 (8120 USD + 11,000 USD) 4 years
36 Geography Geoenvironmental Problem & its impact on sustainable development of lower Kulsi river basin, Assam Dr. Gitika Thakuria SERB Government 2018 28.738 3 years
37 Physics Variable stars as Astrophysical Laboratories Dr. Sukanta Deb CSIR Government 2018 20.5024 3 years
38 Geography Floods and Impacts on Livelihood in Rural Assam: To what extent floods have expanded the Poverty trap Gitika Thakuriah SERB Government 2018 28.74 4 years with ex
39 Botany Nano zinc Mediated regulation of Arsenic stress in rice (oryza sativa L.) Dr. Thounaojan Thorny Chanu DST Government 2017 34.7978 3 years
40 Chemistry Theoretical studies on metal free activation of small unreactive molecules Dr. Ankur Kanti Guha SERB Government 2017 28.85 3 years
41 Chemistry Electrochemical and photophysical studies of singlet fission materials based on indigo derivatives Dr. Abdul Wahab SERB Government 2017 41.052 3 years
42 Chemistry Isolation and characterization of potent anti-fertility compounds obtained from a few folklore medicinal plants of North east India and study of their mode of action Dr. Mausumi Ganguly DBT Government 2017 49.01 3 years
43 Environmental Biology and Wildlife Sciences Investigation of heavy metals in soil-rice systems in northeast India: food safety implications and evaluation of best management practices Dr. Mayuri Chabukdhara SERB Government 2017 25.2475 3 years
44 Geology Role of multiphase flows in controlling the dynamics of melts and other geological fluids: a theoretical and experimental investigation Dr. Amiya Baruah SERB Government 2017 50.672 4 years
45 History The Socio Cultural life of the Mizor: A folkloristic observation Dr. Ritu Thaosen National Security Council, Govt.of India Government 2017 3.60 3 years
46 Chemistry Stimuli-responsive nano-constructs for targeted delivery, site-selective release and activation of combination drugs Dr. Bhabatosh Banik Department of Science (DST), India (under DST-INSPIRE Faculty Scheme) Government 2017 35,00,000 5 years
47 Hindi Promotion of Hindi Language in NE region Dr Kusum Kunja Malakar North East Council, Ministry of DoNER, Govt of India Government
48 Computer Science & IT Improved Security for IoT in 4G Mobile Network Dr. Hiten Choudhury Cotton University under IHRP Scheme Government
49 Physics Synthesis and development of high sensitivity photo-sensor for real-time radiation dosimetric applications Dr Jitumani Kalita UGC Government Rs 10.00 L (Yet to start ) 2 Years