Constitution of the Cotton University Court vide Clause no. 24 (1) of the CU Assam Act No. XXII of 2017

Constitution of the Cotton University Court vide Clause no. 24 (1) of the CU Assam Act No. XXII of 2017 (as on 24.03.2022)




Provision of the act


Email ID/

Cell phone number




The Chancellor

Prof. Jagdish Mukhi

0361 2601787 (O)





The Vice-Chancellor

Prof. Ramesh Ch Deka




The Pro Vice Chancellor






The Minister of Education, Assam

Shri Ranoj Pegu

0361-2237008 (O)




The Registrar

Prof. Diganta Kr. Das

Mob: 9101726585




The Academic Registrar

Dr. Sanjay Kr. Dutta





The Controller of Examinations

Dr. Gunindra Nath Choudhury

Mob: 9435107492




The Finance Officer

Sri Subhrutpal Borthakur

Mob: 94353 52474





Dean, Research and Development

Prof. Mahadev Patgiri

Mob: 9508056741





Dean, Students’ Welfare

Prof. Manjit Kr. Bhattacharyya

Mob: 8812822336





The senior-most Secretary in the Education (Higher) Department of the Govt. of Assam

Shri B Kalyan Chakraborty, IAS

0361-2237234 (O)






The Director of Higher Education,


Shri Dharma Kanta Mili, ACS

DHE, Kahilipara

Guwahati  781019

Mob: 9435086668


Telefax : 0361-2382286




The Director of Technical Education, Assam

 Shri Dhrubajyoti Borah, ACS

0361 351 8492(O)





The Director of Medical Education,


Dr. Anup Kr Barman







The Director of Agriculture, Assam

Shri Anant Lal Gyani, IAS

03612332215 (O)




The Director of Animal Husbandry & Veterinary, Assam

Sri Ashok Kr. Barman, ACS

0361 266 8609  (O)





The Vice-Chancellor of the Dibrugarh University

Prof. L. K. Nath, Vice Chancellor I/C , Dibrugrah University

0373 2370239, 2370323(F)

Email id:




President and Secretary, Cotton University Teachers’ Association

Prof. Dipak Sarma

Dept. of Mathematics, CU

Mob: 8638325172





Dr. Janandra Barman,

Dept. of Assamese, CU

Mob: 9864444986

Email: jnanendra.barman@




Two members nominated by the Executive Council

 1. Prof. Kalyan Das

Dean, Earth Science, CU


2. Shri Rukma Gohain Baruah

Chairman, AHSEC, Guwahati

Mob: 9435309889






The Principal of the Constituent College, if any.






Two Heads of the Academic Departments of Cotton University (to be selected on the basis of seniority)

1. Prof. Phukan Ch. Basumatary, Dept. of Bodo, CU

2. Dr. Kusum Kunja Malakar,

Dept. of Hindi, CU

Mob: 9954123839


Mob: 9864023568




Two persons distinguished in Literature / Law / Medicine / Science/ Engineering / Technology / Commerce / Public Life nominated by the Chancellor

1. Dr. Arup Kr. Hazarika,

Dept. of Zoology, CU

2. Prof. Inder Mohan Kapahy

Professor, School of Basic & Applied Sciences, Maharaja Agrasan University, Kalujhanda, HP-174103

Mob: 9864044453



Mob: 9810037679/7827753187





Two representatives with good records to be elected by the Post Graduate Students’ of the University from amongst themselves

1. Nepur Ranjan Hazarika

PS 3rd Semester, Math Dept.

2. Chandamita Das

PG 3rd Semester, Economics Dept.





Two members (one female) of the Cotton College/ Cotton University Alumni (to be nominated by the Chancellor)

Prof. Rabin Goswami

Former Professor Dept. of English, Cotton College,

Mob: 9435548794

Email: robingoswami683@

Prof. Madhushree Das

Professor, Dept. of Geography, GU

Mob: 9864018577