Mission and Vision


Cotton University shall aspire towards a holistic education and cutting-edge research with the highest ethical standards bringing transformative opportunities to employable students. Envisioned as a twenty-first century university backed by excellence in teaching and research, interdisciplinary in spirit and steered by competent leaders of academia, the institution builds on the promise enshrined in its motto Apramattena Veddhavyam. Founded upon core human values Cotton University’s synergy of instinct and intellect aligns perfectly with the virtue of resilience in the quest of all knowledge through tireless perseverance.


It is our persistent endeavour to hone and nurture an inclusive campus environment for students endowed with competencies to meet the challenges of the time and evolve as world-class citizens for a strong nation. The University shall strive to be among the group of best HEIs in the country meeting global needs so as to provide only the best education to its students while building solidarities of knowledge and creativity for a vibrant academic cosmos.