Mission and Vision


It is our persistent endeavour to hone and nurture an egalitarian and inclusive environment for students capable of fostering healthy minds and critical thinking for a strong nation. The University shall strive to meet the demands of the global world with changing paradigms so as to provide only the best education and build solidarities of knowledge and creativity to make our cosmos vibrant and our students' future-ready.


Cotton University aspires towards a holistic education to develop foundational, employable and entrepreneurial skill among its students while contributing knowledge via cutting-edge research and by upholding the highest standards of ethics and accountability in a bid to provide transformative opportunities. We envision ourself as a world-class university backed by excellence in teaching, research, interdisciplinary education, production of new knowledge, leadership and outreach. Our synergistic development of instinct and intellect founded upon human values aligns perfectly with Cotton University’s motto ApramattenaVeddhavyam, interpreted as the philosophy of remaining resilient in the quest of all knowledge through tireless perseverance.