Anti Ragging

As per instruction from UGC, all the University Students are required to fill the mandatory anti-ragging Affidavit.

Student will receive the Anti Ragging Undertaking Reference number after the online anti-ragging affidavit is filled by the student.

The procedure for filling the anti-ragging affidavit is as follows:

  1. A student need to submit his/her details at any one of the two designated websites: (i), (ii); read and confirm thate he/she  and his/her parents/guardians have read and understood the regulations on curbing the menace of ragging. He/She will confirm & agree that he/she will not engage in ragging in any form.

 The student will receive an Email with his/her registration number and a weblink.  The student need to forward the link to the Email address of the Nodal officer of the university.

Nodal Officer: Dr. Sukanta Deb, Assistant Professor

Email Id:

Phone No.: +91-98103 62087