BA (For Sportsperson)

The BA Programme for Sportsperson is a flagship programme of Cotton University officially launched on December 29, 2020 by Vice Chancellor Prof. Bhabesh Ch. Goswami. The programme is designed for outstanding sportsperson to encourage them to pursue general higher education without hampering their sports career.

This 120-credit undergraduate programme follows a mentorship model and extends flexibility to mentees to schedule interaction with mentors based on their availability. The end term examinations are held in a regular formal mode by the University with flexible schedules. However, to have a structured curriculum, the course has been designed with a 6 Semesters (3 Years) pattern. While the minimum duration of the programme is 3 years, an enrolled student has the flexibility to stretch his or her studies up to 6 years for successful completion of the course.

The course holistically attempts to cater to the needs of a sportsperson and enables a student to pursue a master’s degree in any of the desired subjects opted as a special paper during the under-graduate programme.

Currently, there are two batches of students and the third batch is expected to join shortly.

Eligibility Criteria: Passed in High Secondary or equivalent (10+2) examination from a recognised Board Council with proficiency in sports (Represented the National Team in International Events or secured one of the first three positions in National Level competitions organised by the respective federation) in any SAI recognised sports events. In case of Cricket, being a member of the National team (Junior or Senior) selected by BCCI is considered for eligibility. Continuity in respective sports events maintaining satisfactory performance over the period of the preceding 2 years must be proved by submitting relevant certificates from concerned authority at the time of selection.


Some pictures of noted students, along wiht their mentors, of this programme: