Executive Council

Constitution of the Cotton University, Executive Council vide Clause No. 27(1) of the CU Act, 2017 (as on 01.03.2024)




Provision of the Act


Email ID/ Mobile Number




The Vice-Chancellor

Prof. Ramesh Chandra Deka

0361-2733512 (O)





The Pro Vice-Chancellor

Prof. Ganesh Ch. Wary

Mob: 8638664672

Email: ganeshwary@cottonuniversity.ac.in




The Registrar

Dr. Arindam Garg

Mob: 8135972161

Email- registrar@cottonuniversity.ac.in




The Academic Registrar

Dr. Bedanta Bora

Mob: 9832391333





Two Members of Assam Legislative Assembly;



Shri Ramendra Narayan Kalita

Mob: 9435015009

Email: rnkalitaindia@gmail.com




The Director of Higher Education, Assam

Smt. Pomi Baruah, ACS


Mob: 9435086668

Email: directorhigherassam123@gmail.com




The Director of Technical Education, Assam

Director of Technical Education






The Director of Medical Education, Assam

Director of Medical Education








The Chairman, Board of Secondary Education Council, Assam

Shri R. C. Jain, IAS

0361-2550330/ 9435340540





Chairman, Higher Secondary Education Council, Assam

Shri Rukma Gohain Baruah

0361-2550828/ Mob: 9435520345





The Principal of Constituent Colleges, if any






President and Secretary, Cotton University Teachers’ Association

1. Dr. Suresh Kr Nath

Dept. of Economics, CU

Mob: 7099667097





2. Dr. Jnanendra Barman

Dept. of Assamese, CU

Mob: 9864444986

Email: jnanendra.barman@ cottonuniversity.ac.in




Two Heads of Departments of the University who are professors, to be chosen by the Vice Chancellor by rotation according to seniority for a period of three years.

1. Prof. Maheswar Kalita,

HOD, Dept, of Assamese, CU


Mob: 8638013287

Email: drmaheswar@yahoo.co.in

2. Prof. Mausumi Ganguly

HoD, Dept. of Chemistry, CU

Mob: 9435110752

Email: hodchemistry@cottonuniversity.ac.in




One Dean of Faculty to be chosen by the Vice-Chancellor from the Deans of Faculties of the University for a Period of Three years, by rotation according to Seniority.

Prof. Daisy Das,

Dean, Human and Social Sciences, CU

Mob: 8761809849

Email: deanhss@cottonuniversity.ac.in





Two members to be elected by the Court from amongst its members at the Annual General Meeting other than employees and students of the University.

Prof. Robin Goswami, Former Professor, Department of English, Cotton College

Mob: 9435548794

Email: robingoswami683@gmail.com

Prof. Madhushree Das

Dept. of Geography, GU






Two teachers other than the Dean of Faculty of the University to be elected by the Academic Council from amongst such teachers who are its members.

1. Prof. Debojit Sarma

HOD, Dept, of Physics

Mob: 9864047437

Email: sarma.debojit@gmail.com

2. Dr. Rakhee Kalita Moral,

HoD, Centre for Womens’ Studies, CU


Email: rakhee.moral@cottonuniversity.ac.in








Two persons of whom one shall be a woman to be nominated by the Chancellor, and

Prof. Bhushan Patwardhan

Former Chairman, NAAC

Mob: 9689766399

Email- bpatwardhan@gmail.com


Prof. (Retd) Shiela Bora

Former Professor, Dept. of History, DU

Mob: 94350332222





Two persons to be nominated by the State Government.

Dr. Jyoti Prasad Saikia

Vice Chancellor, BSSRV, Golaghat

Mob: 7099414886


Dr. Sabyasachi Mahanta

Principal, Gorgaon College, Sivasagar

Mob: 9435057322

Email- sabyasachi.mahanta@gmail.com




Two members (one female) from Cotton College Alumni (to be nominated by the Vice Chancellor)

 Dr. Subash Khanna

Chairman and MD, Swagat Hospital, Guwahati

Mob: 9864023338

Email- profsubhashkhanna@gmail.com





Dr. Rituparna Bhattacharyya

Adjunct Professor, IITG


Email: rituparna.bhattacharyya@iitg.ac.in