Campus life @ CU

Cotton University is spread over three campuses viz., Panbazar, Roopnagar and Bongora. Among these, the panbazar campus is the oldest and has a 121-year-old heritage. It is spread over 12.04 acres of land in the panbazar area situated at the heart of Guwahati city. Panbazar is home to many other tangible heritage sites including old temples, churches, parks, streets, bakeries etc. It is also home for the oldest book markets of the city. The mighty "Mahabahu" Brahmaputra river is a 5 minutes walk from the university campus.

Being the oldest and premier center for higher education in the region, this university's heritage holds a special in the hearts of the people of this region. This heritage is also reected by the heritage buildings, hostels, statues, etc. that are situated at various corners of the institution. Students of the university enjoy their stay at this vibrant campus and cherish fond memories of their association with this institution for life.