ERP for Cotton University

  • Opening : 09 June, 2020    Closing: 14 July, 2020

EOI DOCUMENT : Notice & Details



Dated: 24.06.2020

Conditions approved as per queries received:

1. Any party who wants to engage an associate local partner for implementation of ERP if selected are not allowed to submit tender.
2. Any party who does not have a local office at Guwahati but gives an undertaking along with the tender that the party would open an office at Guwahati if selected should be allowed to submit tender.
- Registrar


Dated 27.06.2020
In view of the Lockdown announced by the Government of Assam in Kamrup(M), the last date for submission of documents to the office of the Registrar has been extended to 14th July 2020, 2pm. The envelopes will be opened at 3pm.
- Registrar


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