An appeal to all Students, Faculty members & Staff on the occasion of World Environment Day 2020

This is an appeal to all Cottonians - students, members of faculty, non-teaching staff and alumni, to plant at least one tree sapling / plant wherever you are on 5 th June 2020 or within a week following it and to ensure measures to take proper care for it as it grows. It would be good if you post a picture of the same along with details of your name, class/ designation, location and the name of the plant in the email provided below. This is a humble effort to cover the whole of Assam in Cotton’s tree plantation drive this year. We have also provided a few guidelines below as to the trees which can be planted. Any other activity related to nature and its care is equally encouraged. It would be nice if the details are shared with the University. We expect an overwhelming response from all Cottonians in this endeavour.

Guidelines for planting trees:

1. Please choose trees which are native and found within the vicinity of your homes. Those which bear fruits for birds and animals should be preferred, eg, Ficus species.
2. Avoid planting exotic species such as Acacia and Eucalyptus.
3. Closed campus residents could opt for Neem, Amla, night flowering Jasmines or any citrus plant.
4. Bokul, Jamun, Peepal, Banyan are ideal for roadside planting.
5. Saplings should be planted in open abandoned areas but grasslands should not be cleared for the purpose.
6. After planting a sapling, it is important to raise the plant till it is independent by taking appropriate measures.
7. Please do not uproot a sapling from the forest and plant it anew. Try to collect a sapling from the

Email to send photographs and details :

Prof. B C Goswami
Vice Chancellor
Cotton University