As per the policy decision under XI Plan, UGC and the National Action Plan of the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) Bangalore, it was imperative for all higher education institutions across the country to establish an Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) for continuous and comprehensive performance evaluation through quality sustenance measures.  The IQAC was conceived to be of  vital importance in all institutions as it was entrusted primarily, with the task of developing a mechanism to ensure a consistent quality culture at the institutional level both prior to and post accreditation.  The IQAC shall strive towards achieving institutional Quality Assurance and Quality Enhancement in the goal of attaining excellence in all the significant parameters of higher education through active participation and cooperation of all its stakeholders.


After the establishment of Cotton University in 1st June, 2017; the IQAC Committee of the University became functional with Vice Chancellor as the Chairman, fourteen faculty members, four ex-officio members and two external members vide Notification No. CCA-161/2017/3/8003-10 dated Guwahati the 23rd November, 2017.


IQAC Committee, Cotton University



Prof. Bhabesh Chandra Goswami, Vice Chancellor, Cotton University



Dr. Santanu Sarma, Geology Department


Assistant Coordinator:

Dr. Merry Baruah, English Department



Dr. Saranga Ranjan Patgiri, Botany Department

Dr. Maheswar Kalita, Assamese Department

Dr. Mahadev Patgiri, Physics Department

Dr. Santanu Chakraborty, Political Science Department

Dr. Manjit Bhattacharjya, Chemistry Department

Dr. Manas Jyoti Kakati, History Department

Dr. Raju Bharalee, MBBT Department

Dr. Hiten Choudhury, Computer Science and IT Department

Dr. Bandana Sharma, Statistics Department

Dr. Jinu Rajkumari, Botany Department

Dr. Manjil Hazarika, Archeology Department

Ms. Kabita Payeng, Philosophy Department


External Members

Dr. Satyendra Kr. Choudhury

Prof. Amarjyoti Choudhury


Ex Officio Members

Registrar, Cotton University

President, Cotton University Teachers’ Association

General Secretary, Cotton University Teachers’ Association

Computer System Manager, Cotton University

Activities of IQAC, Cotton University


  1. 1.       Preparation of Faculty list of Cotton University
  2. 2.       Processing of the applications for promotion under CAS
  3. 3.       Development of Student Online Feedback System
  4. 4.       Recommendations to the authority to ensure Student attendance in the class
  5. 5.       Developing guidelines for the Parent Teachers Meet (PTM) in the Academic Departments
  6. 6.       Developing the mechanism for quarterly / half yearly / yearly collection of information at IQAC
  7. 7.       Organization of quality enhancement programme for teaching and non-teaching staff.
  8. 8.       Organizing interaction between the IQAC committee and Cotton University Student Union office bearer once in every six month.




IQAC Committee Meetings


  • 1st meeting of the IQAC Committee held on 21st December, 2017 at 10.45 AM in the Conference Hall of Cotton University. Resolutions
  • 2nd meeting of the IQAC Committee held on 3rd February, 2018 at 1.00 PM in the Conference Hall of Cotton University.Resolutions


IQAC Sub-Committee and other Committee Meetings


        1. Meeting of the IQAC sub-committee held on 17th January, 2018 in the IQAC Office of Cotton University

Agenda: Fix the modalities of promotion under CAS for the faculties of Cotton University

        2. Meeting of the Committee held on 13th February, 2018 in the IQAC Office of Cotton University

Agenda: Develop and implement the student online feedback mechanism

        3. Meeting of the IQAC sub-committee held on 6th March, 2018 in the IQAC Office of Cotton University


       a)      Formulate rules to ensure the student attendance in the class and

       b)      Prepare guidelines for organizing PTM in the academic departments.

      4. Meeting of the IQAC sub-committee held on 17th March, 2018 in the IQAC Office of Cotton University


       a)      Organization of quality enhancement programme for faculties and non teaching staff of Cotton University

       b)      Fixing the date and agenda of the meeting between IQAC members and the Office bearer of Cotton University Student Union.