Dr Suryya Kumar Bhuyan Library of Cotton University founded at the time of the inception of the college itself is one of the oldest libraries in entire north-east region. Initially it was housed in one of the two large halls of a spacious single storied building. During 1909-1910, the library accommodated about 2000 books. By 1915, it reached the number more than 5000. During the next twenty years the number of books in the library had more than doubled and reached the figure of 16891 in 1939-40. During the Quinquannium (1907-1912), a librarian has been appointed. In 1913, the management of the library was rested on a committee formed with the members from the faculties. When the volume of books started increasing, it has been shifted to an independent building which was earlier used as Physics department. In 1950, Prof Tirtha Nath Sarma, an eminent scholar joined the Cotton University library and served as Deputy Librarian till 1954 followed by Sri Azad Hussain who served the library till 1984. He was the first professionally qualified person to serve the library. In 2001, the post of Deputy Librarian has been re-designated as Librarian. In the year 1986, the Cotton University library glorified itself with the name of Dr Suryya Kumar Bhuyan, a versatile genius who served the institution in the status of Professor of English and also the Principal for few years. In 1992, our then Honourable President of India Dr Shankar Dayal Sarma laid the foundation stone for a three storied library building. The new library building has been named as Centenary building of the college and officially inaugurated by the Former Chief Minister of Assam Sri Tarun Gogoi on 29th May 2001.