Knowledge Resources

The knowledge resources available in Cotton College library are categorized and classified into the following categories:

  • Textbook collection category  
  • Reference collection category
  • Periodical collection category
  • Graduate (Major) collection section
  • Post-graduate collection section
  • Bound volumes collection section
  • North-East collection section
  • Rare & Reference collection section
  • Gift Book section

1. The ground floor houses the fascinating collection of the Rare & Reference books, Office, Periodical section, North-east Collection, Bound Volume Section and One Stack Room, Three Chambers (one for photo-stat and other two for library staff), Acquisition section, Computer Section, Big Sized Property Counter, Canteen Room and Two sets of Toilet. There is independent access to Periodical Reading Room, so it can be used when other sections of the library remain close. Librarian’s room is in close proximity to the entrance lobby and reception counter. The Administrative staffs are placed near to Librarian’s Room.

2. The first floor contains General Issue counter, Main Stack Hall, Post-Graduate Issue Section, General Reading Room & Degree ( Major) Book Issue Section

3.  All rooms are well connected through corridors. There is independent access to each section.

Technical processing & Organization of Knowledge Resources:

  • The acquired documents either by purchase or donation are classified according to Dewey Decimal Classification System. Cutter’s list is used for giving Book Numbers.
  • Open Access and Close Access System, both are in operation in the library.
  • AACR - I was used for Manual Cataloguing. AACR II has been followed for Computerized cataloguing. Sear’s List is consulted for subject descriptors. DDC of recent edition is consulted for class numbers.