Vice Chancellor

Prof. Bhabesh Ch. Goswami

Professor, Department of Chemistry, Gauhati University (1997—2017)

Director, UGC-Human Resource Development Centre, Gauhati University

Prof. Bhabesh Ch. Goswami joined as the Vice Chancellor of Cotton University w.e.f. 28th July 2017 forenoon.

Prof. Bhabesh Ch. Goswami is the Vice Chancellor of Cotton University, Guwahati. He started his academic career when he joined the Department of Chemistry, Gauhati University as Lecturer on 9 Sept 1977. He was promoted to Reader in 1987 and later to Professor of Chemistry in 1997. Prof. Goswami received his(first) PhD from Gauhati University in 1982. He initially worked on Carotenoids and Vitamin A2, later moving to Carotenoprotein and water-soluble forms of Vitamin A1. Prof. Goswami was awarded the Commonwealth Fellowship attached to the Department of Biochemistry, University of Liverpool from 1982-85. He received his second Ph.D. in 1985 from the University of Liverpool. Prof. Goswami also worked as a Visiting Scientist at the Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics at the Iowa State University, Ames, USA in 2001-02.

During his tenure at Gauhati University, Prof. Goswami took on the responsibility of UGC SAP Coordinator from 2007-12, Steering Committee Coordinator from 2007-12, and Director of Academic Staff College, Gauhati University from 2013-2017. In July 2017 Prof. Goswami was given the responsibility of being the first Vice Chancellor of Cotton University, which was upgraded from a heritage college named Cotton College established in 1901.

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