The Laboratories of the department have been recognized by Gauhati University for carrying out Ph.D research in 1989. Presently, there are 5 Ph. D. guides in the Department conducting research in various fields of geography. Seven retired faculty were Ph. D guides and altogether 21 Ph. D. scholars have been awarded degree and around 23 scholars are pursuing their doctoral research under the guidance of the past and present faculty of the Department. 

R & D Projects:

a. Completed:-

Sl. No. Principal Investigator Co. Principal Investigator  Title of the Project Period Sponsoring Agency Sanctioned Amount Status
1 Dr. Ranjan Saikia Dr. Narayan Chetry Integration and Management of Multisource data using GIS for development of plan/ Strategies of Block within the Kopili Basin, NE India 01-04-1998 to 31-03-2001 Dept of Science and Technology, DST Rs. 14,93,800/- Completed
2 Dr. Mahfuza Rahman Dr. Pradip Sharma Science and Technology intervention on wetlands and its impact on the rural economy: A case study in Morigaon district, Assam 01-12-1998 to 31-12-2001 Department of Science and Technology, DST Rs. 5,27,850/- Completed
3 Dr. Ranjan Saikia Dr. Pradip Sharma Geo-environmental  Problems and impact on the sustainable development in the lower Digaru basin Assam 01-04-2008 to 31-03-2010 University Grants Commission (UGC) Rs. 11,80,000/- Completed
4 Dr. Parijat Borgohain NA Influence of Television and Internet on Students’ Lives in Assam: A Social Geographical Study  Sept 2014 to Sept 2016 Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR) Rs. 8,00,000/- Completed
5 Dr. Rupali Phukan Bhuyan NA Impact of Development Activities on the Tribal Communities of Dimoria, Assam   University Grants Commission (UGC) Rs. 2,05,000/- Completed
6 Dr. Jayasree Borah   Hinterland of Guwahati City: Its Present  Structure and Transformation   University Grants Commission (UGC) Rs. 1,30,000/- Completed
Dr. Barnali Gogoi    Impact of flood and Channel Shifting on Socio-economic condition of Sadiya, Assam March 2015 to March 2017 University Grants Commission (UGC) Rs. 3.00.000/- Completed
8 Dr. Pallabi Borah   The Brahmaputra: Regenerating Livelihood for the City of Guwahati    University Grants Commission (UGC) Rs. 1,40,000/- Completed
9 Dr. Parijat Borgohain   Occupation and Health: A Socio-Economic Study of Tea Garden Labourers in Upper Assam   March 2011 to March 2013  University Grants Commission (UGC) Rs. 1,50,500/-  Completed
10 Dr. Rupali Phukan Bhuyan Dr. Pradip Sharma Gender Atlas of Assam   Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR) Rs. 4,00,000/- Ongoing
11 Dr. Gitika Thakuriah NA Geo-Environmental problem and its impact on sustainable Development of Lower Kulsi River basin, Assam” 2018-2021 SERB, DST, Government of India Rs 28,73,800/- Ongoing